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How To Use The Craftsman Drill Press

The Craftsman Drill Press can be used for a number of projects ranging from wood works to metal drilling. In terms of unusual projects, the drills can be used for do-it-yourself projects. The drills are used in simple wood works for homes such as repairing furniture. They can also be used in construction projects such as creating holes for wooden or stone walls. The drills can be used in drilling stone, marble and bricks. They can then be used in drilling foundations so that metal poles can be attached to the bricks. Some metal designers and stone artists also utilize the drills for their projects.

In Using The Craftsman Drill Press

In standard drills, a drill chuck is used in order to secure the drill in place during certain projects. The chuck is used to hold the material in place as rotational force is used. The chucks are used to tighten the internal gears since the gears will only tighten if the chucks are present. Most of the time the chuck is near the tip of the drill head and will slide in. In order to fit them, we need to find the teeth of the drill gear ring which is often found around the drill head. There should be a small hole where the teeth match the chuck. We then need to insert the chuck on the tip of the teeth in order to interlock it with each other.

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How To Remove The Chuck

Once we have inserted the chuck, we can actually remove it if we want. The chuck will have a bar that sticks of it and it is used to either loosen or tighten our drill. To loosen the drill, we only need to rotate the handle on the chuck counterclockwise. We need to rotate the drill until it is wide enough to accept the necessary drill bit. During this stage we can now remove the chuck. If we want to replace the drill bit, we simply need to insert the bit into the drill and turn the chuck counterclockwise so that it will be tightened. We then need to secure the drill bit and remove the chuck from the drill before switching the drill so that the bit stays it place. Again, we need to be safe and tighten the chuck and the drill bit in order to avoid any accidents.

Is There Another Way To Remove The Chuck On A Craftsman Drill Press?

Yes, there is another way. Unlike other handyman’s tools, craftsman drills are stationary and they are available as floor supported models or table top models. The drill bits are secured by the chuck and we can loosen then or tighten them in another manner. If the drill press is damaged, we can simply replace the drill and install a new bit.

How Can We Remove It?

All we have to do is to turn the depth scale wheel which is the three prolonged wheel above the chuck to around 3 inches. We then need to rotate the chuck so that the keyholes will be visible in the spindle. Then we need to insert the key wedge on the keyholes and then we need to place one hand below the chuck. We then need to tap the key wedge lightly with the use of the mallet so that the chuck found inside the Craftsman Drill Press will fall out from its spindle. 

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